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The Dream

Hi everybody,

Finally our first micro lot of coffee from "Flor del Campo" made it to Calgary, Canada (Feb/12). A dream that started fifteen years ago when my In-laws seeded five thousand colombia varietal plants. Without the appropiate tools but just the love for a beautiful land the dream started to grow. With trial and error, experiences but the desire built in to see the land prosper the efforts started to show results.
This wonderful plantation is teaching us how to take care of the land, enjoy the peace of the country side and at the same time how to get the best flavors off the earth. 
Now every year workers from the neighborhood come to our farm to carefully manually pick these great beans, picking only the ripe fruits, in order to achieve a uniform product of a very high quality. These workers teach us with a smile on their face how happy they are with so little that they have.
In the summer of 2010 I made it a purpose to bring this rich coffee full of stories to Canada and to try to make a difference, because all this effort must not be blended with other coffees so you can taste and feel those stories while enjoying a cup of our Exotic coffee.

Remember to find time for yourself, and enjoy a great cup of Exotic Coffee.

Time has past (Dec/13), the magical aroma is finding its place above the 49th paralel on the skirts of the rocky mountains. We have done several coffee tasting sessions where beautiful people have come together to enjoy and taste the flavor of our beautiful land.

This year as well, the farm received the Nespresso AAA/Rainforest Alliance Sustainable Coffee Program certifcation which means the accomplishment of delivering coffee of supreme quality while conserving and protecting the natural environment.

The goal for 2013 was to start getting the word out about our coffee and what's behind its flavor and aroma.  With your help we will be on more and more family tables sharing our dream and enjoying a great cup of Exotic Coffee.

Another accomlpishment this 2013 year was the set up of our new roaster. By mid april/13 we started roasting our own beans; combining time, right heat, delicate and slow movement of the beans we can make flourish all the qualities given by the land and the hard work of our Dad (Farmer).
2014 was a good year as well. Continued with my certification as a roaster before the SCAA in Seattle. At the farm during the harvest season we struggled finding coffee bean pickers again. Part of the crop went bad because it wasn't pick at the right time. Granpa' did not enjoy this season at all. The rain Forest Alliance re certification went fine as we keep up with the good practices. 

2015 harvest season started mid june and this year I was able to help assisting gran'pa with the daily routines. We had an average of 30 pickers attending at 06:30 am and working until 03:00 pm. We worked on a selection of Colombia and Castillo varietal and at the end gave us a cupping score of 87 which is excellent and our customers will love it.  
The caturra lot will be trimmed this year and hopefully in two years will come back into production. Also, students from the Nariño University are doing a research on the fermentation process of the beans at the farm and eventually will bring some suggestions to improve it. 
In the mean time we are back in Canada waiting for our micro lot and can't wait to start roasting it. 

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